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Research & Development Consultants to Industry since 1985.

Preparing SR&ED Claims

Our Core Business.

The focus of our business is helping companies to document, prepare and support claims for SR&ED investment tax credits.

 We have prepared hundreds of claims for companies in many different industries. We have a good understanding of what will and what won't qualify for R&D tax credits. We know how to describe your projects to ensure that you claim all your qualifying activities.

Saving you time and trouble...

So you can focus on your core business.

Our confidential, client-friendly claim preparation process saves you time and frees you to concentrate on running your business. Meanwhile we help you to access R&D tax credits that add to your bottom line!



Linking you with technical resources 

We have an extensive network of contacts in industry, government, research centres and universities in Canada and around the world. This includes technical specialists in many different fields.

If you are looking for a new technology, a new product or a new industrial process, chances are we can help you find what you want - or link you to specialist resources who can help you develop it.