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Research & Development Consultants to Industry since 1985.

Jim Moore 

Our manufacturing and technical team leader.

Jim Moore is a graduate chemist with a Master's degree in English and more than 30 years experience working with a wide range of industries and technologies in North America, Europe and Asia. Jim headed the Windsor-Essex County Development Commission for 15 years. He is a past president of the Canadian Machining & Tooling Association and the Industrial Research Institute of the University of Windsor. Jim is skilled at describing complex technical projects in clear understandable language.



Dianne Moore

Our healthcare specialist.

Dianne Moore is a university graduate in Psychology and Communications Studies. She has advanced training and international experience as a consumer reviewer of cancer research proposals. She also has international experience in marketing medical devices for women's health.

Honours that Dianne has earned include the Athena Award for women's leadership and the Rotary Club of Windsor Eli Goldin Award for community service.

Dianne and Jim are also major donors to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

Peter Moore

Our information technologies specialist.

Peter Moore is an Honours Business graduate with extensive experience in the computer, telecom and media production sectors. He has been an ISO 9000 quality management system trainer and he is a technical documentation specialist. Peter is skilled at identifying and communicating both major and incremental advances in information technologies.