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Research & Development Consultants to Industry  since 1985.

Research & Development Tax Credit Specialists

Proven Experience:

Moore Global has been helping client companies to prepare, support and defend claims for R&D Tax Credits since the early 1990s. Our years of experience have earned us an excellent understanding of the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program. We work with our clients in complete confidence. 

Client-Friendly Approach

We value your time:

Thanks to our knowledge of the SR&ED Program - and the varied industrial  and technical experience of our team - we can examine what your firm has been doing and quickly determine those activities that meet the SR&ED criteria.

With our technical writing expertise, we can relieve you of the burden of preparing the claim. We'll support you at every stage of the SR&ED claim process, from initial review of your projects and preparation of the claim... to communication with the Canada Revenue Agency SR&ED staff and attendance with you during any claim review meetings with CRA.


Multi-Sector Experience